BJ Klock(born February 19, 1990) is an American entrepreneur, investor & Musician. The CEO of Advisight is Bj Klock. He is also one of the Original Influencers In Personal Development & Digital Marketing.

In 2020, Klock wrote an e-book, How to Get Started When You Got Nothing, in which he chronicles his experiences in business starting from humble beginnings.

In 2017 BJ Started The First ever Personal Development online TV Show that was streamed via Instagram called “Time With Klock”. In only the first two Seasons Klock has amassed over a billion views for his personal development and business hit show. He interviews, celebrities, successful business people, random people walking around Hollywood, as well as he gives advice to creating your dream business and life. BJ Klock has scheduled to release his 3rd season of Time With Klock Sometime This Fall 2020.

Through building large engaged communities around their mission and message, BJ has enabled some of the world’s most influential personal and corporate brands to dramatically increase visibility, revenue & profitability for their brand. He has not only accumulated over a million loyal fans himself he has built a network of over 500 million followers which receives over 100s of billions of views & trillions of impressions annually.

BJ is a consultant to billionaires, multi-millionaires, CEOs, TV Stars, Professional Athletes, Global Influencers & Celebrities. Recognized by Success Magazine As One of the Worlds Best Entrepreneurs, 2017 Forbes 30 under 30.

The main purpose of BJ in life is to help more than 100 million people create financial freedom for themselves. He has accomplished this through many notable business and marketing ventures.

His creative marketing genius has been recognized by many. BJ Klock recently put out his first Record becoming an instant hit receiving over 100k streams on Spotify in the first month of its release and shows no signs of slowing down.

One of his personal goals is to become the first businessman to get a platinum record for his personal development hit. He not only wrote the lyrics, recorded the vocals and produced the record he also created all the instrumentations.

Bj’s talents never seize to amaze. None of his fans even knew he made music let alone was a closet hit maker. Most wonder where he finds the time to make amazing music that inspires the masses and still run multiple multi-million dollar enterprises.

Bj Klock’s Hit Record Entitled Peace Of Mind Can Be Streamed On All Streaming Platforms. Click to Listen on Spotify , Itunes & Instagram

You can follow BJ Klock on all social media BJ Klock @BJKLOCK